Our Team

Our team of expert CPAs and Enrolled agent a well vexed in all areas of taxation required to adhere to the various compliant codes mandated by the inter nal revenue service to maximize refunds and reduce tax liability. We specialize in providing tax preparation, tax planning and IRS representation for both individuals and businesses.

Akwasi is an experienced tax professional with over ten years of business and individual tax preparation expertise.He currently responsible for internal management of financial services and overall business functioning of our firm. Prior to working with 360 financial, he was the CEO of integrated Life Service, a financial service firm which specializes in tax accounting and insurance. He has prepared more than twelve thousand individual and personal taxes combined and written more than three hundred insurance policies for clients and businesses alike.

Akwasi Owusu, Executive Manager

Special Enrolled Agent, MCAS, LIA

Chris is a seasoned tax professional and has been preparing business and individual taxes for twenty eight years. His impressive portfolios include preparing more than ten thousand individual taxes and three thousand business taxes, working for bear sterns and JP Morgan as a senior tax researcher. Previous to joining 360 financial in 2019, he was the senior tax advisor for HR block. Chris has written and spoken publicly about topics ranging from Utilizing depreciation, Avoiding correspondent audit by the IRS, tax planning post covid.

Chris Obode, Senior Tax Accountant.

Special Enrolled Agent, Msc. Accounting

Innis has been Public relations liaison for 360 financial for four years and is responsible for public outreach. He helps maintain relationships with consumer, community, employee, and the general public. Innis has worked with has worked with companies like Ernst and Young and Deloitte. With a public relations expertise spanning over five years. Innis has cultivated insight into the needs of our core clientele and provided directions as to how we can better serve them.

Innis Baah, Public Relations Director


Israel has been a formidable member of the 360 teams for four years. In his capacity as a business tax associate, he has prepared over 900 medium and small business taxes, ranging from partnerships, corporations, S-corporations and limited liability companies. Before working with 360 financial, he worked with major firms on Wallstreet as a partnership tax consultant. His experience with Bear Stearns and later Verizon Corporation as a senior tax advisor, makes his role at 360 a viable one and solidifies our efforts to provide a much needed service within the communities we exist.

Israel Laryea, Business Tax Associate

Special Enrolled Agent, Msc. Accounting

Mrs. Saltos is our liaison in charge of the Spanish community. She has helped improve our relationship with the community and has been dedicated in our efforts to realize our goals among community members. As part of her efforts at increasing our client base within the community, she offers seminars and answers customer questions to promote a better understanding of our demands in our attempts to deliver the best services to the community. She been part of our team since 2015, and has seen to the success of our firm within the Spanish culture.

Jessica Saltos, Public Relations - Spanish

Accredited Tax Preparer

Adwoa is the operation manager here at 360 financial, in charge of the day to day functioning of our firm. Her tenacious efforts has kept the company’s internal activities running smoothly while ensuring our deliverables are on time per our clients request. She oversees staff demands and makes sure all technological resources functions at an optimum level. For the last eight years she has been a formidable and reliable addition to our team and continues to drive the sustenance of our firm.

Adwoa Afrifa, Operations Manager

Accredited Tax Preparer

Elizabeth is an accredited tax professional at 360 financial and has been for the past three years. She specializes in preparing individual taxes and small business taxes. As a preparer, she has prepared over three thousand individual taxes within the last three years since she has been working with the company. She is motivated and driven and works hard and diligently for her clients. She is an admired member of our team and we are grateful to have her.

Elizabeth Dipaola, Tax Associate

LPN, Accredited Tax Preparer

Mr Bortey’s outspoken attitude for a better financial independence for African people in the diaspora translates into actions through his work ethic at the office. He has seen to the delivery of better refunds for African families living in the minority communities of America for the last six years working with 360 financial. He specializes in individual and small businesses taxes. Using different tax strategies, he has managed to maximize the refunds of his clients and save them from higher tax liabilities.

Daniel Bortequaye, Client Relations Manager

Accredited Tax Preparer

Justin is our advertising manager responsible for our social media promotions and content management. He has been an important team member since 2019. He has increased our client base through social media outreach effort. Through his off shoot company “ No Ceiling” We’ve managed to reach a large sect of our target audience. His expertise as a content creator has placed 360 ahead of our competitors. He is an indispensable member of our team and we are glad to have him.

Justin Osugyi, Marketing Manager

Biology (BA), MBA

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